What on earth does SUP mean?

Stand Up Paddleboarding, SUP…!

How fit do I need to be?

To Stand up Paddleboard, you will need to have a certain level of fitness and to be able to swim more than 50 meters in light clothing.

I am pregnant, can I still do it?

Firstly, congratulations to you! Pregnant women can partake in SUP activities.  You must have a doctors or Health Practitioners written approval before partaking on sessions.   You must also be aware of the dangers (falling on board on stomach, etc injury to unborn) and you must consent you are fit and healthy and can partake in the activities.  It is also recommended pregnant women are experienced paddlers only.

Can I bring my dog on the paddleboard?

We love dogs but we do not allow them on our session. We pride ourselves with high quality experiences to ensure it is safe and enjoyable, therefore our focus will be keeping you safe. We also use very expensive high quality equipment and the boards can easily get damaged by our four legged friends.

Do I need to be insured to take part in any of the activities?

We strongly recommend you take out insurance against cancellation and accident and personal injury.

What is the minimum age that can join a course?

Children who are aged 6 and upwards who can swim 50m in light clothing can attend Beginner SUP sessions.

What kit and equipment do you provide?

We pride ourselves with high quality and well maintained kit. We provide Starboard inflatable paddleboards, leash and paddles for you to use. For clothing we provide Peak UK hooded jackets, lognjohn wetsuits, wicking top.

Can I bring and use my own kit and equipment?

Yes, providing it is suitable.

Where do we meet?

We will confirm the meeting location once we have a better understanding of the latest weather forecast. Beginner SUP and night SUP are at Llyn Padarn in Llanberis.

What time do I need to arrive?

You’ll need to arrive at least 10 minutes before your session’s start time. We cannot accommodate late-comers as it affects the session for other customers on the SUP experience. 

What if its really windy?

We are delighted to be based in the heart of adventure, it gives us great options to choose from to run our wonderful SUP experiences. We can normally find shelter or use the wind to our advantage depending on the activity you have booked on. 

Do sessions ever get cancelled?

We occasionally postpone group trips with 24 hours’ notice if we do not have the minimum number participants to run the session we will offer you an alternative session or you could upgrade to a private booking. We will also cancel, if we deem conditions to be unsuitable (e.g. very strong winds, fast fluvial flows, etc.), but we are not put off by a bit of rain or wind. If your session is cancelled by us, you will have an option to reschedule or a refund. The refund will be subject to a fee of 10% of the booking.

Can I cancel?

Full refund if notice of cancellation has been received at least 6 months before the activity.

50% refund if notice of cancellation has been received 3-6 months before the activity.

No refund of notice of cancellation has been received within 3 months before the activity.