• We are proud to be UK’s SUP specialist company providing truly unique SUP experiences.

  • Sian and the team from Psyched Paddleboarding are well and truly PSYCHED for SUP! They are incredibly passionate about stand up paddleboarding, helping to inspire so many people into the love of SUP.

  • Based in a perfect location of Anglesey, it allows Sian and the team the flexibility to deliver courses which are uniquely tailored to the needs of our guests and to the weather conditions. We can either choose to run stand up paddle boarding sessions on Anglesey or in Snowdonia. North Wales is an ideal location for SUP.

  • Sian and the team are highly qualified, professional, friendly and are incredibly experienced, so you are in good hands.

  • Sian is a professional team paddler for with Starboard, Aquapac and Peak UK

  • All kit & equipment is at the highest quality. We strive to have the best to ensure you have a comfortable and positive experience on the water with us. We are delighted to be partners with Starboard UK, Aquapac and Peak UK as we love their kit! We also provide Ripcurl changing robe (towels) and changing mats to allow our guests to have a much easier and comfortable experience.

  • All kit and equipment is well maintained. All wetsuits, jackets and robes will be dry for the next day. So no more putting on soggy wetsuits!

  • We have the flexibility to delivery courses pretty much everywhere in North Wales.

  • We love to have time after sessions to enjoy a panad (welsh for a cup of tea) and biscuits with our customers.

  • We run a ratio of a maximum of 1:8 when stand up paddle boarding, it gives a unique and special touch, it allows for more time with you, making your experience richer, more rewarding and memorable.

  • We care about our environment, we donate money to our selected charities Surfers Against Sewage and The North Wales Wildlife Trust.

  • Psyched Paddleboarding are single use plastic free and asks all their customers to bring a reusable drinks bottle instead of single use plastic. Sian is especially keen to ask people to make a pledge against single use plastic such as swapping to reusable coffee cups, bamboo tooth brushes, shampoo bars. If we all made a difference to our daily life it would make a huge difference.

  • We encourage, educate and inspire our guests about the environment and ask our guests to pick up any found litter on our SUP travels.

  • We take photographs during the activity, and share them on social media for you to enjoy and treasure your memories with friends and family.

  • Sian and the team wants to help you through your SUP journey, from introducing you to SUP, helping you to select a SUP, advance skills training and joining them on a exciting SUP holidays and trips.

  • Our local knowledge combined with a wealth experience and being highly qualified, ensures you have a magical day with Sian and the team at Psyched Paddleboarding.

  • Safety is always our number one priority and we prove that you can have fun, face challenges and can be safe throughout your SUP experience with us.


Psyched Paddleboarding are passionate about the environment, marine, bird and wildlife. We want to help to protect our beautiful oceans and land. We want to help to inspire and educate. We believe strongly supporting the great work by Surfers Against Sewage & The North Wales Wildlife Trust. 


Sian’s Nain (grandmother in Welsh) was incredibly passionate about wildlife and spent many years studying and taking photographs of flora and fauna. She was actively involved with wildlife charity work and spent time raising money for the North Wales Wildlife Trust. To continue her Nain’s legacy, Sian donates a percentage of profit raised from activities to the North Wales Wildlife Trust. We also run joint adventures together such as SUP Micro Adventures and Porpoise and Paddle.


We are proud to be supporting Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), an environmental charity protecting the UK’s oceans, waves and beaches for all to enjoy safely and sustainably, via community action, campaigning, volunteering, conservation, education and scientific research. Psyched Paddleboarding are passionate about the environment, by being a part of Surfers Against Sewage, we a are demonstrating good corporate responsibility, generating goodwill amongst our guests and engendering a sense of pride in our company and the community we serve. Every time we are out stand up paddleboarding (SUP) we enforce and educate No Trace and encourage our guests to pick up any found litter where we paddleboard.

Sian is also a Regional Rep for Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) on Anglesey. Last year the SAS Beach Clean Series saw over 3,500 volunteers who helped to remove 10 tonnes of rubbish from 160 beautiful beaches around the U.K. The marine litter crisis is one the most significant threat to our oceans today. It is an environmental problem on a global scale and adversely impacts wildlife, the economy and human health. In the last 12 months Surfers Against Sewage volunteers have collected over 20,000 single-use drinks containers at SAS beach cleaning events. Let's do our bit to help protect our beaches, oceans and wildlife. 



Psyched Paddleboarding are delighted with their partnership with Starboard UK, the industry leaders in stand up paddleboarding (SUP).

Sian is passionate about inspiring people to SUP, Sian strives on high quality and importantly she cares deeply about the environment and Starboard mirrors the same ethos. The brand are conscious about how they can decrease their negative impact on the environment by looking at new ways to manufacture the boards. For example, the paddles are made from recycled material, the bags are made from recycled fishing nets. Also with every board bought, Starboard plants a tree. It is great to see a brand being proactive and leading the way in innovation.


Sian is a brand ambassador for Aquapac and we love them so much, we have collaborated with them as they provide what we describe the best waterproof dry bags, mobile phone cases on the market. We have well and truly tested the gear and we are pleased with the durability, flexibility and its waterproof. We recommend our guests to buy any waterproof kit from these guys who are based in the UK.  They are professional, friendly and provide honest advice. 


Sian is a brand ambassador and official partner for Peak UK. For almost 27 years they have been manufacturing world-leading paddling clothing and equipment. Based in the heart of Derbyshire, UK, they produce paddling kit for kayakers, canoeists, and stand up paddleboarders. We have partnered with Peak UK to allow our guests to have high quality kit and to feel comfortable in what they wear when they are out paddleboarding with us. 


We have collaborated with Joe Brown, a fantastic outdoor equipment shop in the heart of beautiful Snowdonia. We at Psyched Paddleboarding use them a lot. All our lovely customers are entitled to a 15% discount in the shop when you book with us. Perfect for picking up supplies before you join an activity with us. They are professional, friendly and provide honest advice. Just pop in and say hello and look at some of the outdoor kit.