Stand up Paddle boarding (SUP) is an amazing and fun sport to do if you know how to do it safely. 

When paddle boarding, we are at the mercy of nature, the weather conditions and water conditions.  Conditions can change very suddenly. For example it can be a beautiful sunny day, suddenly the wind comes up and you can’t paddle back to shore. SUP boards are highly susceptible to wind – they have a nice flat surface on the water and the wind can push you and the SUP board along very fast. Before you know it, you could be blown way off shore (either at the ocean or a large inland lake). And worse, you have to paddle against the wind to get back. That is very hard to do.

This course prepares you for your own SUP adventure on the sea. It will educate you what are suitable conditions for paddleboarding, what signs to look out for in relation to the weather and how to use wind and water conditions to your advantage. The course will also focus giving you the skills on what to do if you get into trouble, using SUP self rescue techniques. The fundamentals of this is course is teach you the skills for paddling on the sea and to prepare you for your own adventures safely.

Sian, founder of Psyched Adventures is an ASI Accredited Instructor and an International Mountain Leader who is highly qualified, she has completed SUP instructor qualifications with stringent conditions and knows about SUP safety. 

This is an essential course for people who are new into the sport.

We did the SUP Safety and Awareness course with Psyched Paddleboarding. It was spot on for teaching us the skills we need to safely plan and carry out SUP trips whether in the sea, on lakes or rivers. We learned about weather, tides, currents, as well as the safety aspects including gear choice, preparation and rescue. It was interesting and the few hours of classroom stuff wasn’t too heavy going at all. The locations used were stunning. Even the classroom and cafe were lovely! We got sea, river and lake experience all in one weekend. Sian and Joe were both very friendly and professional. They are both so very knowledgeable and they definitely have a passion for the outdoors and their sports. Everything was provided for us, including clean and well maintained equipment, clothes, changing mats, changing robes; even tea and biscuits!
— Caroline, SUP'er

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  • What equipment to use and when
  • To understand SUP launching and landing
  • To understand different type of SUP strokes for different water conditions
  • To understand how to maneuver the paddleboard in different water or weather conditions
  • Self and assisted SUP rescues
  • SUP incident management
  • Risk management
  • To interpret sources of information including maps and tide tables
  • To navigate and understand features
  • To be able to source, interpret and apply a weather forecast to a marine environment
  • To understand wave, swell and winds
  • To understand how to plan a SUP journey
  • Guided SUP journey 


  • Gain valuable skills to paddleboard safely on your own adventures
  • Professional and high standard event organisation, instruction and kit
  • Qualified Paddleboarding Coach and International Mountain Leader
  • Paddleboarding in a stunning location
  • Qualified and well experienced paddleboarding lessons
  • SUP Anglesey or SUP Snowdonia
  • 2 day 


  • Full stand up paddling equipment, paddle board, paddle and leash
  • High quality rash vest, wetsuit and jacket
  • Changing robe (like a beach towel but better to help make getting changed easier)
  • Group first aid kit with qualified first aiders
  • Unfettered local knowledge
  • Hot drinks and biscuits


  • You are able to swim 50 meters in light clothing
  • You have joined on an a SUP Safari with us or have other experience (please discuss prior to booking)


  • A minimum of 4 guests for the activity to run or you could book an exclusive private session


  • Optional water bottle (no single use plastic bottles please)
  • Personal medication(s)
  • Change of warm clothes and footwear (before and after paddle boarding)
  • Spare set of underwear
  • Swimwear or shorts
  • Fleece or jumper (to wear on the water)
  • Old trainers (you don't mind getting wet) or appropriate water sport shoes


Please just get in contact by using the enquiry form and express when you would like to join us paddleboarding and I will be only to happy to help.


Yes, we accept group bookings. Please do get in touch to discuss, feel free to email or call.

We try to run our SUP experiences on Anglesey if conditions are good and suitable for SUP. However if the weather conditions aren't good, we pop over to Snowdonia to enjoy a sheltered spot. It is all about your safety and having a good time. So we find a venue suitable for you. We will contact you the day before to confirm location once we have a better understanding of the weather.


Why not treat someone to a Psyched Paddleboarding Stand Up Paddleboarding gift voucher,  an ideal present for any time of the year. The vouchers are valid for 12 months and can be purchased for any activity we offer.  Please buy a gift voucher from the shop here.


If you require accommodation, please discuss your needs with me, I will be only too happy to help with arranging accommodation for you. The accommodation options include cottages, luxury hotels, hostels or quaint inns, so there’s certain to be something to suit your needs and your budget.


I have put together an extensive list of FAQs to help you with booking onto a SUP activity with us, so please do take a look here. If you have any additional questions, feel free to give me a call or send an email and I will be only too happy to help.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of the activity, or you wish please phone Sian 01248 440 831 or email