Please complete the online medical form and submit prior to the activity.

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Date of Birth
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Date of SUP Activity
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I understand and acknowledge that SUP activities are dangerous and that there are inherent risks which may result in serious injury to myself. Additionally, water/waves/ocean can act in a sudden and unpredictable (changeable) way. I declare that I can swim 50 metres (150 feet). I declare I am over the age of 10. I declare that I do not have any medical or physical conditions that would affect my participation in the activity. (e.g. please advise Psyched Paddleboarding of asthma,previous broken bones, dislocated joints, diabetes, allergic reactions, wear contact lenses/hearing aids, any disabilities, etc). If you take medication, please bring it with you, such as inhalers, epipens, etc. I agree not to drink alcohol or take prohibited drugs before or during SUP activities. I understand that by submitting this form it constitutes a complete and unconditional realise or all liability Psyched Paddleboarding and its employees to the greatest extent allowed by the law in event of me and/or the children under my care, suffering injury or death. I authorise Psyched Paddleboarding to arrange medical or hospital treatment as necessary and I agree to pay for all associated costs.