Sian Sykes - Latest issue of SUP International Magazine #9

Check out the latest issue of SUP International Magazine. Sian shares her knowledge and experience about paddleboards. 

“I was first introduced to inflatable paddleboards when I volunteered to join a team on an exciting inland SUP expedition.  I was instantly sold on the benefits; compact and lightweight, that inflatable board was certainly less faff than carting around a heavy canoe or kayak which I had done in the past.” - Sian Sykes

“Since discovering paddleboarding I have well and truly fallen in love with the versatility of the sport. I have used standup paddle boards for expedition and touring, yoga, white water, surf, downwind, paddle and hike ‘biathlons’, oh and of course not to mention SUP with my pooch too! Turns out she wasn’t a fan of the surf and much prefers snoozing on tranquil water.” - Sian Sykes

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Sian Sykes