Psyched Paddleboarding becomes a SUPKids School

We are delighted to announce we have recently become a SUPKids school which means the Psyched Paddleboarding team will be teaching kids about the importance of protecting our planet, whilst playing outdoors. A fantastic programme introducing children to water safety, environment whilst enjoying to SUP.

‘I am delighted to launch SUPKids, it is a fantastic programme I feel passionate about, to raise awareness about the environment, water safety whilst having fun paddleboarding. We all have a vital role to play and for me it is inspiring the next generation to get involved and to open their eyes to what we can do to protect the environment whilst having fun outside.’

- Sian Sykes, founder of Psyched Paddleboarding.

We really believe that connecting kids to nature is one of the single most effective things we can do to protect the planet. And the crazy thing is that when you connect kids back to the planet, it inspires their parents & communities to do the same.’ – Linzi Hawkin, Founder SUPKids

‘Sian and her wonderful ocean protection work is such an inspiration for all of us water crew at Starboard. We are so proud to see her join SUPKids and help inspire us all to paddle for the planet !’ – Svein Rasmussen, Founder Starboard SUP

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