Psyched Paddleboarding are passionate about the environment, marine, bird and wildlife. We want to help to protect our beautiful oceans and land. We want to help to inspire and educate others. Here are some great suggestions for you to help do your bit to help make difference. 



- When you are out walking, or paddling, do a mini beach clean, Surfers Against Sewage has a great suggestion here: http://www.sas.org.uk/news/beach-cleans/minibeachclean


- Use a reusable mug when you are out and about to avoid using disposable cups with plastic lids


- Avoid buying drinks in plastic bottles. Use reusable bottle and take it out with you. Sadly I see so many plastic bottles washed up on my local beach


- Avoid using plastic carrier bags and use your own when you go  shopping


- Purchase paper cotton buds rather than plastic. I see no ends of these washed up on our beautiful beaches


- Avoid using disposable plastic cutlery and straws


- Sadly balloons are still being released into the outdoors and this has a massive impact on marine, bird and wildlife, be creative and think of a different way to mark a special occasion.


All these little tweaks and changes to your daily lives will make a difference. Please share your 2017 stories of you being mini eco warriors by tagging Psyched Paddleboarding and using #psychedforplasticfreeoceans tag as I would love to see what you are doing to help where you live and play. Together we can all create a ripple effect and make a difference.


Much love Sian & Ruby xx

Sian Sykes