Why I love to SUP

I loved being in the open sea, the solitude, the sound of the water, the reflections, feeling at peace, the sun on my face and that feeling of utter freedom, away from it all and being reconnected with nature. Watching birds fly over my head, fish jump out of the water in front of my board and watching beautiful jelly fish float past me, totally magical. It is such a lovely feeling being free.

Sian Sykes | Psyched Paddleboarding

Sian Sykes | Why I love to SUP | 1st person to stand up paddleboard around Anglesey | Wales

Stand up paddleboarding keeps me sparkling, I enjoy all elements from paddling on remote mountain lakes, calm seas and paddling on big swells. I get a real kick from it and I just love going on a journey and being so close to the water, I am a total water baby! I am very driven and I love adventures, so I am wanting to really push myself, see what I can physically and mentally cope with and do some more firsts too. I like the sense of adventure! I would love to do some source to sea linking my love of journeying.