Underwater Wales & The North Wales Wildlife Trust

We support the North Wales Wildlife Trust and the Underwater Wales, we donate money from our sup micro adventures to them. We are have been lucky enough to have Dawn who has joined us from the trust showing our guests wonderful facts about marine and bird life.

A bit about Dawn:

Dawn enthuses people about our coastal wildlife through our Underwater Wales Project. The aim is that everyone living near or visiting the coasts in North Wales has the opportunity to learn more about its vibrant and exciting wildlife. Through a wide range of events, school programmes and online resources we want to spread our love of the sea.

I was born and raised on Anglesey and spent my summers on the beach with family and friends, swimming and playing then all winter battling the sideward winds to take the dogs for walks. I came back to North West Wales in 2001 for a BSc in Ecology at Bangor, studying fish personalities, but of our freshwater stickleback not our marine ones. After studying personalities further I began volunteering with the North Wales Wildlife Trust in the summer of 2011. I started work as the Living Seas Awareness Officer in summer 2015 and am very glad to be back and barefoot on a beach.