Aquapac trailproof™ waist pack | Review by Sian

For my business, I was looking for a robust and waterproof kit bag to use for running my stand up paddle boarding (SUP) sessions with guests. I needed something which would carry emergency kit (flare, mobile phone, first aid kit, map, tow line etc).

The Aquapac TrailProof™ Waist Pack certainly fits the bill, it is tough, versatile, waterproof and is a really well made piece of kit. The design of the pack is simple, with no unnecessary straps and no additional faff. 

Aquapac trailproof™ waist pack | Review by Sian Sykes

When I'm running a session wearing the Waist Pack, it fits comfortably and securely around my waist with a padded breathable mesh belt.

The main storage area, which is like a fold down compression dry bag, is roomy without making the bag bulky. I can fit all my essential kit for running my sessions. There is velcro across the back which seems slightly unnecessary as depending on the kit you put in sometimes you cannot align the velcro. However the side clips are easily attached without faff.

There is an outside zip sealed pocket which is big enough for business cards, snacks and keys which is easily accessible.


A Superb bit of kit by Aquapac, an essential item I wear whilst running SUP sessions or for personal SUP adventures. Its is robust, waterproof and comfortable.


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