The kit i use & wear for paddle boarding (sup)

A lot of my guests on my stand up paddle boarding (SUP) courses in Anglesey and Snowdonia in North Wales are keen to know what kit I wear and use when I head off on stand up paddleboarding (SUP) adventures. 

I thought it would be useful to list them here on my blog:

Psyched Paddleboarding | Sian Sykes



Peak UK rash vest (avoid cotton, as you get a chill on when wet)

- Peak UK Adventure Single (a great multi purpose jacket for on and off the water, a great barrier against the wind)

Peak UK River guide PFD or Adventure PFD for when I am paddling on a river

Peak Uk Neoskin leggings or Peak UK Storm trousers dry suit trousers if raining or chilly

Palm Chamber shoes (great so you can walk scramble over rocks on your adventures)

- Sunglasses on leash (top tip, don't loose them to the ocean if you decide to swim with the fishes)

- Patagonia baseball hat or Barts woolly bobble hat 

- Petzl knife on leash (for emergency rescues or handy for picnic lunches)

- VHF Radio and/or mobile phone in Aquapac Waterproof case

Aquapac Trailproof Waist Pack (inside includes; flare, neoprene gloves, sun cream, tissues, hand sanitizer, tow line, snacks, spare karabiner)



- Aqupac dry bag (first aid kit, lunch and snacks, extra layers) This is attached to my my stand up paddle board (SUP)

Aquapac phone case (essential to keep phone dry)

Aquapac waterproof keymaster (car keys and money) 

- Nalgene bottle (1l water)

Aquapac Kaituna map case and map, tidal plans and weather forecast.

- Spare paddles

- First aid kit

- Snacks  & water

- Spare clothes

- Pump

- Repair kit

- Flare

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